Road accidents often occur around the world and are not limited to those driving cars alone. Road accidents may affect drivers, passengers, cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, and truckers.

Truck accidents cause more damage than normal vehicle accidents. There are contributing factors which makes them unable to respond quickly when faced in such situations such as unexpected road conditions and the weight of the truck, these make trucks slower to stop than the regular vehicle.

It is good news that there are law firms that specialize in such cases. You may contact Munley law firm if you have had a truck accident. This law firm focuses on these complex and heavily-defended cases. It is guaranteed that the members of their firm have extensive experience in these defended truck injury cases.

The Accident Lawyers Methods

Road accidents require thorough investigation and the opinions of expert witnesses. Since the investigation of the accident scene is crucial, both parties involved in the accident have to dispatch their investigators. Munley Law’s team of investigators is the one responsible in the routine visitation of the accident scenes and taking photographs of physical evidence. They document skid marks, eyewitness accounts, debris, police reports, motor carrier records, witness statements, photographs, and safety logs.

Expert Witnesses for Accident Cases

Munley Law’s attorneys have established a long relationship with the trucking industry experts and investigators. These experts include engineers, medical professionals, economists, caregiver, and accident re-constructionists will review the facts of the case and they will guide in planning a winning trial strategy.

Experienced Lawyers

Due to long experience and exposure of Munley Law’s attorneys to similar situations, they have developed an in-depth knowledge of the frequently changing federal and state laws and regulations. These laws may be regarding the governing hours of service, maintenance and inspection requirements, or other safety protocol.

Client Testimonials and Stories

One client experienced an awful wreck with his tractor-trailer years ago. The trucking company declared that it was the client who caused the accident. He thanked the Munley Law, especially Dan Munley, as he pushed through the case and was able to gain money on the client’s behalf.

Another trucking crash client said that after the crash, he felt hopeless. Luckily, Bob Munley was with him every step of the way. He got what the client needs and made sure that the client understood the development of the case.