If you are like Nadine Gourkow, then the free time you have in a day is very small. There are some ways to take advantage of technology to make your life easier, but she does not feel that turning your home into a digital nightmare is one of them. So, what are the disadvantages of going fully digital in your home? If you follow along below, we will give you more than enough reasons to keep your home simple.


Dinner that makes itself, groceries that order themselves, lights that come on and off by themselves, these all sound like great ideas, but not all of them are great. For a couple decades now, we have had the technology to make lights come on and off by themselves, but that required putting a device in the socket that blocked access to the other socket. This made them less desirable, but many people bought them for when they went on vacation. Since then, technology has changed, and we can nearly control our entire house from the palm of our hand. Let’s take a look at reasons not to make this change.

  1. Cost – To put it simply, it costs a lot of money to update your entire house to a smart home. You will need different wall sockets, a new refrigerator, a new stove, new light fixtures, etc. The list is long and the items on it are very expensive.
  2. Learning Curve – When you have any sort of technology update there is a learning curve associated with it. You will have to learn how to set up your new peripherals to your network. There is also the added problem of being hacked. If someone should be able to break-in to your home’s network, they can do untold amounts of damage. Imagine for a second that someone other than you can turn on your lights, order your food, adjust your air conditioner. This could lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages.
  3. Video Surveillance – While you think that it can be a wonderful thing, there are people out in the world that are trying to hack into all different types of wireless surveillance. In the wrong hands, it could tell criminals when you are home and when you are not. This would allow them to case your home without leaving theirs. Once they figure out your schedule, they can rob your house.


While it may sound that Nadine Gourkow is paranoid, there are several documented cases of just these things happening. The good news is, that you have the knowledge now to determine if having a smart home is right for your family. As we said at the beginning, having a digital home seems like it would streamline the day, but when you stop to think about it for just a few minutes, it can do more harm than good.