Surface Sanitiser

You can use Touch Australia Surface Sanitiser if people are crowded or if you just want to clean surfaces for germs and viruses for your own home. To be protected from pathogens such as viruses and microbes, we must sterilize the surfaces we touch or meet a sanitiser. You can use Touch Australia’s surface sanitisers for this.

Since the use of surface sanitiser is very simple, you can be protected from viruses and germs for up to 30 days by disinfecting the surfaces you are in constant contact with. You can have clean and sterile surfaces with the surface sanitiser have developed thanks to MikroGuard technology.

Surface sanitisers produced and sold by Touch Australia are sold as 5 L. Since it is produced with MikroGuard technology, it attracts pathogens such as germs and viruses on the applied surface and kills and inactivates them. With this feature, it strongly protects surfaces up to 30 days from germs and viruses. Since the components in its content do not show toxic properties, there is no danger for your pets and children. It kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria.

Developed in a laboratory environment, Touch Australia surface sanitisers are produced with vegan formulas. The product is sold ready to use.

Touch Australia aim to provide both quality and affordable service. That is why I offer you Touch Australia’s surface sanitisers affordable prices. The prices of surface sanitiser products may vary according to their production forms. However, as a customer-oriented company, they also support your budgets.