How Will The Online Gambling Industry Evolve In 2021?

How Will The Online Gambling Industry Evolve In 2021?

Adapting to the technology era, especially when it is developing with an incredible intensity, is important for any industry. A huge number of newest and updated technologies are being introduced among all spheres. The casino industry has already successfully adapted most of the recent years technologies and is fully equipped for progress.

The virtual gambling market is developing at a tremendous pace. In 2021, it will become even more interesting and will offer users a lot of innovations. Among them are mobile gambling development, new technologies and other interesting innovations.

Growth Of Opportunities And Game Offerings

In 2021, players are offered a lot of interesting features that are actively implemented on gaming platforms. First of all, these are new format slots, with a variety of bonuses, additional games and interesting stories.

Virtual reality technology is being introduced, with the help of which the player can fully plunge into the process. Also, online casinos use it so that the player can feel the realism of what is happening. It feels like a land-based casino.

An artificial intelligence system is already being introduced into casinos. Which is necessary to track and combat fraudsters, gambling addiction and other violations.

To make online casinos as realistic as possible and similar to playing in real gambling units, you can play in online live casinos. It is thanks to the rapid technology and software development that it has become possible to bring a live casino experience to your living room. Players who are accustomed to playing in real land-based complexes can now relax at home and enjoy popular games with live opponents.

As you can see, the online gambling industry is undergoing significant changes. Casinos are actively making changes to their portfolios and offering players new and exciting entertainment. We can trace this on the Shangri La online platform example. At the time of launch in 2016, slot games, live casino and sports betting in the traditional format were available on the portal.

Over the years, the site has expanded its assortment with new game sections. There are innovative slots and scratch cards that you can try right now by visiting its game lobby.

The Shangri La sportsbook section has also changed significantly. Betting on virtual events and eSports has appeared. And if earlier only pre-match options were available, now you can place bets until the last minutes of the game.

Changes have also taken place in Livecasino games. Leading providers are already using Hollywood technology in the filming process, the volume of angles and the number of cameras are increasing, and the video stream transmission speed is getting higher.

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Mobile Offer

For several years in a row, mobile gambling has been developing very actively. Many gambling sites are moving to gamblers’ smartphones and tablets. Now more and more casinos are leaning towards developing their own mobile application. This is often convenient for customers and certainly convenient for the casino – the distance with the player is reduced, the online casino product is already in their phone and they are just one click away from services, which has a positive effect on the buyers’ interest and the profits growth. It is also a great method of avoiding site blocking in highly regulated countries.

From the beginning of 2021, it is available on mobile phones and Shangri La Casino and Sports, retaining all the functionality and access to games. This allows you to play anywhere, anytime.

Solving Financial Issues

Statistically proven data indicates that the main online casino customers’ concerns are payment methods and the financial transactions security.

Bank cards are widespread and widely used online, not only on gaming websites, but also on other platforms. This is easily explained by the fact that they are convenient to use and allow you not to worry about the transaction’s security. The crediting money process is simple and straightforward.

Electronic wallets are a worthy alternative to bank cards that are not inferior to them in safety and convenience. With them, you can also easily control your funds in online casinos. Electronic wallets are very popular among players, and often online casino users are even rewarded with bonuses for their use.

Many gaming resources are switching to cryptocurrency. This is not just a tribute to something new and trends, but also an opportunity to increase the players’ trust, to secure and protect their funds. When using the blockchain in a casino, calculations can be made as transparent as possible, it is also impossible to hack it, which increases the players’ data security. Using cryptocurrency, casinos guarantee players the personal information safety, since they do not need to provide personal data to replenish the deposit. Cryptocurrency withdrawal is carried out with little or no commission. All transactions are anonymous.