The Do’s and Don’ts in Owning Luxury Cars

The Do’s and Don’ts in Owning Luxury Cars

Acquiring a luxury car takes a considerable investment of your money, so it’s just as necessary to look after it properly. In any case, practicing good car maintenance is imperative no matter its price, but for luxury cars it pays a little more, no pun intended, to take utmost care of it and its performance. Here, we’ve broken down the do’s and don’ts when it comes to owning a luxury car. Keep these in mind when seeking out BMW auto repair in Houston.

Do’s When Owning a Luxury Car

Take Heed of the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

Highly experienced engineers and mechanics help to design every luxury car. Therefore, it makes sense to closely follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep your luxury car performing at its peak. While you might get away with delaying simple things like oil changes in a normal car, it’s vital that you change your oil when your manufacturer recommends it so that all parts of your luxury car function with the efficiency you expect.

Make Common Sense More Common

It goes without saying that practicing common sense plays a huge part in keeping luxury cars in top condition. Not only that but driving and parking cautiously will definitely be a big help. So don’t rush, just cruise and take your time. Your car will remain in its best condition for a longer time the more you’re careful.

In line with that, it’s best not to engage in aggressive driving habits, like stepping on the brakes too harshly or going over speed bumps recklessly. Doing so will cost you a lot when it comes to repairs, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Additionally, try not to park in areas where your car may be exposed to too much such or be left out in the cold, as this can damage sensitive components in your vehicle. It’ll also be good to practice checking your tire pressure every now and then to prolong each tire’s longevity.

Only Use the Appropriate Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be abrasive for either your car’s interior and exterior. For the carpets, there are specific carpet shampoos in the market designed for fibers used in luxury cars. Since these vehicles are mostly fitted with premium leather trimmings, better double check to see that you’re using the right products to clean your car seats. If you’re unsure to do this yourself, you can always consult with a dedicated BMW service center in Houston.

Practice Washing Your Car Often

If washing your car isn’t something you do often, now’s the time to practice it as a habit if you want to maintain that luxury paint job. You can keep your luxury car looking brand new by washing it on a weekly basis. This will remove all the dirt and debris that has been accumulating over the course of the week.

For a quick wash, here’s a short guide:

  • Use two buckets: one with water and another containing a mix of water and professional car wash soap.
  • Rinse the car first and then apply the car wash solution with a soft cloth.
  • Give a final rinse with a hose.

Keeping your car clean shouldn’t be too complicated. But if you want extra service, like vacuuming, waxing, and polishing, head on to your nearest service center at least once a month.

These are only a few of the do’s when owning a luxury car. Follow these tips and you’ll be ensured to have your vehicle in amazing shape and performance.

Don’ts When Owning a Luxury Car

Neglecting Research

Buying a luxury car isn’t just something you do on a whim. It takes considerable time on decision making, and this is where research shouldn’t be neglected. There are a lot of options to choose from, so try to consider the different makes and models that best fits your needs. Other than that, the two most common concerns when it comes to owning luxury cars is the horsepower and speed. So it’s best to put in the work to avoid committing to the wrong car. With the internet, there’s so many sources you can refer to, from blogs to dealer websites, auto magazines, and more. Just go ahead and explore.

Not Checking Different Dealerships

It takes time and effort, but checking out multiple dealerships will do you more good than harm. In fact, you wouldn’t want to seal the deal immediately and regret your decision afterwards. When dealing with luxury cars, you want to feel secure and have trust in the agent you’re working with. You’ll be surprised to find that by doing so, you just might get a good deal that’s favorable to your terms.

Not Asking for a Test Drive

So let’s say now you’ve signed the papers and finally sealed the deal. Naturally you would want to hit the road immediately. Not to jinx you and your sweet ride, but overlooking the test drive is a huge mistake. Take your time and get behind the wheel to get a feel for how the car drives and see if you’re comfortable with it. While you’re at it you can also go and see if it’s spacious enough for you without feeling too cramped. Getting a luxury car is a massive investment, so you would only want everything to be ideal.


Take heed of the advice we’ve laid out and you’ll find yourself enjoying your luxury car for a longer period of time. These do’s and don’ts of luxury car ownership will serve as your guide for basic maintenance, and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to head to your trusted BMW auto repair in Houston.